365 Day Guarantee on Mattresses

Services include:

10 year warranty on mattresses

Customers are entitled to one free Point-to-Point® supporting or pressure point blocks replacement in the first year.

Eligible customers:

1. Purchased the point-to-point® mattress on/from May 9, 2019.

2. Customers must have a valid purchase invoice/receipt or delivery note to be entitled to the free supporting or pressure point block replacement within the first year.

3. The Point-to-Point® mattress if replaced must be the same as that listed on the purchase receipt/invoice.

4. Customers must purchase the DPM® Point-to-Point® mattresses from DPM® online store or the DPM showroom Shop 31-Level 2 Lemon Grove Shopping Centre, Chatswood, NSW.

5. Customer’s delivery address must be within Australia.

6. Customers purchase must be a DPM® Point-to-Point® Mattress.

7. Customers must have paid for the mattress in full.

8. Customers must sleep on the Point-to-Point® mattress for 30 days or more.

Terms and Conditions: 

Customers who wish to replace their support or pressure point mattress blocks using the one free exchange procedure, are required to send their “365 Day Guarantee” delivery note or valid invoice, within 365 days from the date of delivery.

1. The customer may take up to 30 days of sleeping on the new mattress to become fully accustomed to the support and comfort.

2. “365 Day Guarantee” applies only to Point-to-Point® Mattress series, 

3. “365 Day Guarantee” does not apply to DPM® Pillows, DPM® More Than Silk Bedding range.

4. “365 Day Guarantee” does not apply to discounted/sale items or any point-to-point mattress series that cannot provide a valid invoice copy. 

5. “365 Day Guarantee” applies only to the Point-to-Point® mattress series, purchased from DPM® stores in Australia. 

6. At customer’s request for “365 Day Guarantee”, the Point-to-Point® Mattress model and shipping address must correspond with the provided delivery note.

7. Customers are required to present a valid invoice/receipt to receive the one time free Point-to-Point® support and pressure point block replacement service, within 365 days from delivery date. 

8. In regard to the procedure for mattress block replacement, DPM customer service will contact the customer within 15 days from the date of handling the request. They will then make arrangements for replacement.

9. For one time free replacement Point-to-Point® block service, the ”365 Day Guarantee” only covers the support and pressure point blocks of the Point-to-Point® Mattress. 

10. This “365 Day Guarantee” does not apply if the mattress is found to be in unsanitary condition, stained, evidence of cleaning fluids, or if fault is due to other causes than defective materials or workmanship.

11. DPM® HOME Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of the final amendment. 

12. In case of any dispute, DPM® HOME Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to make the final decision.